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Variclip Protection


Our signature Variclip is a variable clipping limiter, usually employed to protect sensitive line-level equipment when mixing synth hot signals, or can be used creatively. Available on inputs and/or outputs.

With a knob you can decide at which voltage to hard-clip all signals that go through, usually ranging from 0 to +/-15V.

With the knob fully clockwise the signal will pass thru untouched, turning it counter-clockwise will clip it at a lower and lower voltage, keeping safe the equipment that come next in the chain.

It operates a symmetrical clipping, in equal amounts above and below 0V. If you need asymmetrical clipping, or even separate controls for positive and negative clipping, no problem, we can do it! Soft clipping versions are also available

VCA Matrix

vca matrix

>>> See gallery for application examples

Quite specific for matrix mixers, it's a separate matrix that can control the movement of each knob on the main matrix with a Pluck'n'Duck VCA with external control voltages.

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