Eurorack modules


Creative signal routing tools

Electronic instruments for musical experimentation, in Eurorack format



8x8 Matrix Mixer


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In keeping with noizHARDWARE tradition, some features of this module are customizable:

The price is 450eur + shipping.

Includes 4x M3x5mm screws and power cable (10p-10p or 10p-16p)

Standard version ships immediately, if you're buying a customized version we'll talk about lead time.

Eurorack module commissions

We can also design eurorack modules from scratch.

The creation process is similar to that of custom Mixers, get in touch and we'll discuss about it.


For both standard and customized Eurorack orders, send an email to

Payments are securely made via PayPal

Shipping worldwide.

International Shipments (delivery address outside Europe) may be subject to import duties, value added taxes (VAT), and customs clearance times. Tariff rates vary from country to country. We don't collect VAT on behalf of the customer. We're not responsible for payment of import taxes. Please check with your local customs agency for rates and more information.

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