Interfacing with the external world

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Output bus

headphone and main out busses

One or more output bus can be added, with or without their dedicated "send" level control


headphones output

The most basic form of headphones is just a fixed mix of an equal amount of all output channels, with a global volume, very convenient, you don't have to setup anything.

But then, as for output busses, you can have a PFL bus with illuminated buttons, flipswitches or with pots, effectively creating an independent mix.


illuminated mute buttons

You can add muting on inputs and/or outputs, can be simple flipswitches or fancy illuminated buttons.

dual-mode mutes

Another option is our signature dual-mode mutes, they work with a flipswitch(the mode switch) and a momentary pushbutton, friendly known as the bashbutton.

  • With the mode switch DOWN the channel is muted, and you can use the bashbutton to momentarily un-mute it.
  • With the mode switch UP the channel is on, and you can use the bashbutton to momentarily mute it.

Very performance-friendly, you can still use it as a normal mute, using only the mode switch, or go for a dub-mixing style with the bashbutton

A vactrol-based active circuit provides a clickless, silky-soft switching action.


P'n'D VCAs on outputs

Our signature Pluck'n'Duck VCAs can be placed on inputs, outputs or matrix junctions (creating a VCA Matrix)

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